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Winters harsh weather is hard on curtains and drapes. Fumes from cooking and oils, dust, and heating gasses are dangerous to your curtains. Fumes are present even when you aren’t aware of them. When allowed to remain in the fabric for extended periods, deterioration becomes evident.
The perfect way to keep your home looking fresh and remove unwanted odour is to have your curtains and drapes professionally drycleaned by the team at Green Drycleaners.
The following risk factors can occur from drycleaning, however GreenEarth drycleaning will minimise the effects:

  • Relaxation Shrinkage of up to 3% is possible during the acceptable agitation process of the drycleaning or laundry cycles. Usually this is stated on the furnishing’s care label.

  • Light Damage is destructive to many textiles and will progressively degrade fibres that are exposed during use. This can cause tearing along the pleat fold lines during the agitation process. Coloured dyes and prints can also be affected by sunlight.

  • Water marks are due to contact with moisture while curtains are hanging, and the reaction with a build-up of impurities collected on the fabric over time. Even condensation off the window can produce this moisture. Sometimes watermarks appear more obvious on drapes after the necessary drying process.

  • Existing watermarks will rarely remove in the cleaning processes unless they are very recent, or if the use of an oxygenating bleaches fall within the care label recommendations.

  • Damage to curtain and lining Acrylic Coatings or Bonding” can sometimes occur during the cleaning processes. Sometimes this will appear as a blistering effect, and occasionally the coating will peel off the fabric. Where care label recommendations have been followed, responsibility for this result does not lie with the drycleaner.


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